MAC terminal cshrc

MAC terminal cshrc

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How to create a cshrc file

Step 1: Open Terminal

Launch Terminal on your Mac by clicking on the icon in the Dock or searching for it using Spotlight.

Terminal icon

Step 2: Create a new file

To create a new .cshrc file, type the following command in Terminal:

$ vi ~/.cshrc

This will open a new file named cshrc in VI editor.

VI Editor

Step 3: Edit the file

You can add any environment variables, aliases, or other settings to the cshrc file. For example:

setenv PATH "/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin"
alias ll 'ls -al'
set prompt = "[$USER@\h \W]\$ "

These lines set the $PATH environment variable, create an alias for the ll command, and customize the Terminal prompt.

Step 4: Save and exit

Once you have added your desired settings to the cshrc file, save and exit by typing:

Save and exit

Step 5: Restart Terminal

To see your changes take effect, restart Terminal by quitting and reopening it.

Now you know how to create a cshrc file on your Mac!


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